“And” Is the Key Word

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As many of you know, my title at the church is Scholar in Residence and Minister of Spiritual Formation, a title with “and” in there. But that’s not the “and” I mean to reference in the title of this article. When I think about
spiritual formation, I think naturally about how persons mature in their faith, which for me implies “and” in the process. Specifically: learning and doing.

Quiet Givers

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By Lindsay Howes, Director of Children’s Ministry Oh the wonderful way you’ll feel, you hear? If you just go out and volunteer… A bird…a worm…a guzzle-bivvit, Could all use some help if you’ll just give it; You might say “No! Not! No Way!” “I’ve nothing to give-not today anyway! But …

Join Green Team This Season

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Our Green Team Gardening Group helps care for the church grounds to make them beautiful and welcoming to all. Groups meet in the chapel parking lot on Monday evenings at 5:30 and Tuesday mornings at 8:30.

Collection Connection Spring 2018

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In February we are collecting supplies for the Easter egg hunt. We need 2,000 filled plastic Easter eggs for the hunt on Mar. 25. Pick up plastic eggs in the parlor and return them filled with small stickers, toys, coins or nut-free pre-packaged candy.

A Little R&R

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Day 6 & 7 We left our hotel in the morning and drove to Granada, a tourist town, on lake Nicaragua. There are small islands, the “isletas de Granada,” that have been built up with summer homes of various wealthy Nicaraguan, European and North American families. The islands were created …