Middle/High School Summer Happenings

June 14, 2018Youth (finishing 6th-12th grades) are invited to summer gatherings including swimming, games, and outdoor fun. June 24 – Fairway Pool, 6136 Mission Rd. July 8 – Schopp Family Pool, 7328 Madison Ave. July 22 – McGuire Family Pool, 8120 Rosewood Dr. Save the Date – Aug. 3 – Welcome Tyler ... Read More

Northeast KC Summer Concert Series

June 14, 2018Come join our Northeast Kansas City neighbors in Concourse Park for a free summer concert series every 3rd Friday of the month starting this June. Hosted by Northeast Arts KC, this event is a wonderful opportunity to play, get to know, and enjoy music with our neighbors with whom we ... Read More

Big Bread

June 14, 2018 Down through the centuries, biblical scholars have learned a lot of interesting tidbits about eating in the first century Mediterranean world. They know, for instance, how diners reclined at their meals on a couch called triclinium, how they had bread before dinner and wine during dinner of course, but one ceremonial cup of wine afterwards

The Risk to Serve

June 14, 2018We were walking on the beach in Guatemala. She seemed elated about using her own hands to build a Habitat for Humanity home for a family living in a leaky grass hut. Serving God seemed to be bringing her to life. So I told her that when we got home, she was welcome at the mid-week Bible study class for young adults or to join us in tutoring at-risk kids. “Oh, I don’t know about that...going to church more than once a week might be too much for me!”

Come and See

May 31, 2018In the opening chapter of the Gospel of John we are introduced to a story about two disciples who are curious to know just where Jesus is staying in the community. As they follow him down the road they verbalize their curiosity and Jesus simply responds, “Come and see.”

Language One

May 31, 2018How many languages do you speak? Theologian Eugene Peterson* claims that we all know three languages. The first language is the one you learn to speak even before you know words. You coo at your mother or cry to express hunger. After we become articulate, we use this language to convey love to a boyfriend/girlfriend or to express affection to a pet. Language One is the language of human connection and intimacy. It relies on tone of voice and a raise of the eyebrow. We call on a grandchild with the word “honey” or a spouse with a name we whisper only in private.

Coming in June – Incredible Faith

May 31, 2018From beginning to end the Bible is filled with INCREDIBLE stories of heroes whose faith in God allowed them to be used by God to make a difference in the world. Children’s Sunday School classes will explore various biblical characters and come to know the many INCREDIBLE men and women ... Read More

Amani Choir

May 31, 2018Our interfaith and intercultural singing group, formed in partnership with Della Lamb Community Services, resumes weekly rehearsals starting Thurs., June 7 at 6:00 p.m. at the Kansas City University Alumni Center. Singers of any skill level are invited to join this group. Please email Corey Meyer if you wish to join.