Church Governance

cronin449cWe are a self-governing congregation which elects a Congregational Board of leaders to serve the church. This board oversees the administrative structure of the church, which is divided into four ministry areas. Councils of volunteers oversee various aspects of each ministry area.

2016-2017 Board Chair
Leeann Blundell

2016-2017 Chair of the Elders
Steve Bough

2017-2018 Leadership Slate

2016-2017 Budget

2017-2018 Proposed Budget Questions or comments about the proposed budget can be directed to Lynn Cockle, Treasurer.

The Congregational Board’s Vision for Ministry

Country Club Christian Church intends to continue inviting its members and friends into deeper relationship with God and others, and, in particular, to take major steps forward in the following two areas:

  1. To revitalize worship and broaden its appeal.
  2. To invite people into small groups where they will feel included, grow spiritually, and be inspired to serve others.

The Board and Staff will provide periodic updates on the work being done to fulfill this vision.

Other Congregational Board Information.

A note on the how and when board minutes are posted: Each month that the congregational board meets, it approves the minutes from the previous meeting. Minutes may not be posted until they are approved by the board, and any edits to the minutes must be finally approved by the board secretary before posting. The board generally meets on the second Tuesday of each month, although there are some exceptions.

June 2017
Draft Financial Statement

May 2017
May 9, 2017 minutes
May 2017 Monthly Dashboard

Quarterly Financials

April 2017
April 4, 2017 minutes
April 2017 Monthly Dashboard

March 2017
March 14, 2017 minutes

February 2017
February 7, 2017 minutes
February 2017 Board Agenda/Presentation
February 2017 Monthly Dashboard

Congregational Board Meeting Agenda January 2017

December 2016 Monthly Dashboard

November 8, 2016 minutes

Congregational Board Roadmap September 2016

September 13, 2016 minutes
September 2016 Monthly Dashboard

August 9, 2016 minutes

June 14, 2016 minutes


Endowment Trustees

Andrea Bough
Katie Cronin
Stan Cyphers
Paul Faucher
David Forsee
Charles Herbert
Lance Jessee
Mary Lehoczky
Tom VanDyke

Congregational Board

Board Chair: Leeann Blundell
Past Board Chair: Phil Love
Chair Elect: Scot Glasrud
Personnel Chair: Jen Parker
Treasurer: Lynn Cockle
Secretary: Kathy McDandel
Elder Chair: Steve Bough
Elder Chair Elect: Deb Plucknett
Past Elder Chair: Betsy Wilson

Karen Carlson-Cook
Hannah Fenley
Jeff Gibbs
Esther Giffin
Cindy Irey
JJ Jones
Nancy Lear
Sally Nielsen
Erin Parkinson
Amy Rose
Courtney Sullivan
Bill Watson Jr.
Jim Wells
Travis Wymore

Ministry Areas, Teams and Committees

Communications Ministry Team
Design Committee
Endowment Trustees
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Personnel Committee
Practical Services Ministry Team
Visioning Committee
History Committee

Spiritual Growth
Adult Education Ministry Team
Children and Families Ministry Team
College Age Ministries
Enrichment Ministry Team
Mission Trips Committee
Singles Ministry Team
Women’s Ministries
Young Adults Ministry Team
Youth Ministry Team

Church Growth Ministry Team
Congregational Care Ministry Team
Metro Mission Ministry Team
Outreach Ministry Team

Music Ministry Team
Worship Ministry Team