India Mission Trips

In 2016, Country Club Christian Church began a partnership with Christian Hospital Mungeli and the Rambo Memorial English Medium School in Mungeli, India. The hospital, once a deteriorating mission facility, is now a thriving medical center with its own nursing school, the first low-cost cancer treatment center in the area, a K-12 English language school for 1,000 kids, and soon, a new birthing center. When they welcome teams like ours, they take a different approach to mission work, asking participants to use their skills and talents instead of assigning tasks.

Our teams have taught English, produced instructional videos about blood donation, helped review medical records, produced signage for the hospital grounds, created a hospital staff directory, preached, played beautiful music and were many times simply there for them as they were for us.

No special qualifications are needed for this mission experience. If you can read a book aloud or converse in English, you have enough skills. If you have always wanted to experience a different culture, learn first-hand about medical care in rural India, learn to make chapatti, go on hospital rounds, read stories to young children, ride in the back of an ambulance, share a road with herds of cows, view a surgery, see a tiger, learn how to wear a sari, help others improve their conversational English—or, most important, experience the abundant love of God—this trip is for you. For more information, contact Joe Walker, 816-333-4917.

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