2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip - Tuesday (EJ)


Grab some coffee and get comfy for this one.

It's tuesday, mid-morning. Most of the crew is in matasano (lori and andrea just headed that way too after we received a note from the clinic that they need more medicine).  It will (ooh look, the computer is correcting my caps at the beginning of sentences) be good to hear the stories from the first day of the clinic (were there a lot of people waiting? Long lines? Reactions from the locals., etc.).

2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip - Monday (Lori)

Settling in

Monday, February 22 10:15 a.m.

From Lori

I can't keep up with EJ's wit, but I will try to type with caps and apostrophes. Yesterday was a day full of travel and getting settled into our home for the week. We left Managua early in the morning and traveled to the village of Matasano. We stopped in Sebeco, a regular stop for those of us who have been to Nicaragua before. Several of us enjoyed ice cream as a morning treat - how often do we indulge in ice cream before lunch?

2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip - Photos

A few photos from Sunday. See EJ's post for more about Sunday's adventures.


2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip - Day 2

Time: 0730, Monday morning.
Place: About to leave Managua

an early morning today, breakfast at 730.  i won't bother you with trivial details like the weather (sunny and hot).

about 6:45 am, the fire brigade assembled, moving box after box after box after suitcase after box after duffel after box after...you get the idea...

2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip - Day 1, part 3

We are fortunate on this trip to have blog postings from two perspectives: this post is from mission trip veteran Lori Bennett, on her second trip to Nicaragua. Lori arrived in Managua with the second group on Saturday evening.

Hola from Managua! The second group (the veterans) has arrived safely at CEPAD in Managua, greeted by the warm smile of our interpreter Harold, whom many of us know from previous trips.

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