6:30 a.m. came early, at 8 we were rolling to the mission base at the UCC church.  We were to roof today but the hurricane watch and tropical storm warning made roofing not the best call. We ended up close to Bienville Avenue gutting a home.  Our crew filled a huge dumpster with boards, dry wall, duct work … we were told to “take it to the bare studs,” and we got a tremendous amount of work done.  No injuries, many tired and sore muscles … deep sense of meaning and purpose.  All of us are grateful for Country Club Christian Church making this possible.  The needs in this are are unbelievable.  There are still 65,000 (yes, 65k) deserted lots and properties in the gulf area.  The needs — volunteers, finances, and will power — are incredible.  Everywhere there are taxis and buses and bill boards with the motto:  “We’re coming back.”  Our church is part of that spirit and dedication!!

blessings,  Chuck Rolen

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