We had a great day.  Early to the work site and continued shingling.  At 10:30 we drove over to the dedication of a completely rehabilitated home.  There were representatives from the mayor’s office, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, United Church of Christ Disaster Response Team, our mission team, and many of the UCC volunteers who had initiated work on this particular home over two years ago.   The young couple cried as the keys were handed to them and we sang “Amazing Grace.”  The couple left town the night before Katrina hit.  They lived with relatives and friends for one year, lived in a hotel another year, and then rented nearby as they poured sweat equity into the rebuilding of their home … alongside hundreds upon hundreds of volunteer hours. 

The day ended with over half of the roof shingled.  Another volunteer crew will be in Monday to finish what we began.  We left the work site thankful for the opportunity to be part of this man’s and family’s journey.  Grace has been proclaimed and shared.  All of us are blessed.

Tomorrow we will tour some of the areas most effected by the storm, then we’ll grab a meal in the French Quarter, pack and roll toward Kansas City before sunrise on Saturday.

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