We are fortunate on this trip to have blog postings from two perspectives: this post is from mission trip veteran Lori Bennett, on her second trip to Nicaragua. Lori arrived in Managua with the second group on Saturday evening.

Hola from Managua! The second group (the veterans) has arrived safely at CEPAD in Managua, greeted by the warm smile of our interpreter Harold, whom many of us know from previous trips. It was so wonderful to see a familiar face as I made my way through customs. A much smoother process than my last trip, as no one on the team had any trouble passing through. We are settling into our rooms and adjusting to the heat. I hear it snowed back home. We will be sleeping in temps of the mid 70s tonight with forecast of 90s throughout the week in Managua. Hopefully it will be a little cooler once we get into the mountains. The entire team will head to the farm early tomorrow morning (Monday) and then I believe make our way to Matasano for a while to scope out where will we set up the med and dental clinics. Much work ahead and we are all very excited.

Now off to bed for me.

Dios Les Bendiga,