Day 1 blog submitted by EJ Becker…

Time: 0700. 
Place: an ERJ rows 6-8. 
Elevation: 32k feet.

East is left — we know this now, as the sun rose shortly after we ascended above the clouds. Some of us are talking. Others read or study documents. A few are catching a quick nap (0430 was check-in time at the airport).

Our first stop is Houston. Then on to Managua. Most of us on this flight haven’t been on a mission trip to Nicaragua. For a few of us, it’s our first mission trip ever so anticipation is high. 

What adventure awaits? What work to be done? We will see in just a few short hours.

About the time we arrive in Managua, the afternoon flight will be heading to Houston with some more veterans, the folks who’ve been before. 

We will meet up tonite and tomorrow, we’re off. 

Stay tuned!

Sent via BlackBerry, so typos, mix-ups, mistakes, delays, tsunamis, headaches, blurred vision and pock marks are all possible if not likely.