Another rainy morning in Joplin, we all moved a bit slower but we’re glad for the progress made this week.  When we arrived at our home, the drywall had just been hung.  Today all seams are taped, mudded, and sanded.  But we left a heck of a mess. đŸ™‚  Next week, there is not a group scheduled to be in our home so some of the AmeriCorps volunteers will be doing the next round of mud and sanding.  In a few days, all evidence of our presence will be hidden from view. We will know we were there. It does give you a good feeling to have contributed, maybe in some small way, but contributed none-the-less to a brighter future for Joplin.

As we shopped yesterday afternoon, Jackie C. struck up a conversation with a store owner.  (Jackie is a fabulous CCCC ambassador!).  He made a comment about how all this work is just a ‘drop in the bucket’.  Not to be defeated, Jackie stated “Well, it’s better than no drops.”

Since the tornado ripped through Joplin on May 22, 2011 at 5:41p.m., there have been 161,000 registered volunteers in Joplin, who have logged more than 1 million work hours.  If that store owner works 1 million hours he would need to work for the next 481 years.  Now how big is that drop. 

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In closing I want to express a few thank yous:
    -to CCCC for the ongoing commitment to mission and outreach.
    -to South Joplin Christian Church for their hospitality and wonderful mission station.
    -to Rebuild Joplin and the AmeriCorps volunteers for their endless energy and commitment to each volunteer group and in making each ‘rebuild’ into a home.
    -to the people of Joplin for their unwavering faith, and strength.  And for opening up their broken home to strangers, who in turn become neighbors.


P.S.  The van is fine.