A beautiful day In Joplin! Was refreshing to see the sun does still shine!

So we continue mudding. Which actually doesn’t seem so bad when we think about the upcoming sanding.



So I’ll share a bit about our wonderful site supervisor, Cory.

As with most of Rebuild Joplin, she is with Americorps. They do a 10 month ‘stint’ and will receive $5500 toward student loans. They receive 10 weeks training in home construction by a professional contractor, working at a home site from beginning to end. Cory hails from CA, majored in Political Science, with a focus on AIDS and Women’s issues. She studied in South Africa for a year in women’s development. We all see Cory going places and doing big things in the future. Her true gift is the ability to tell us “good job” (about 85 times a day) then gently add how it could be enhanced.

She is highly adept at “herding turtles” (us), and keeping us on task. I should give us more credit, we are getting lots of work done. We each have found our mudding niche. Ruth Bradshaw is the corner master, aided by her steadfast assistant Kelley Quinn. Marilyn Carrell and Linda McDandel get the laundry room which has more corners than any other room. Leann Ritter and I mastered patch work, but don’t ask who made the error. Linda Rives finally got Denney out of the closet. And Jackie Cunnigham is solving all the world’s problems.

Oh, Joplin has some really good restaurants. Let us know if you need a reference.