2020 Benefactors

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Thank you to our 2020 Celebration Dinner and Auction for their generosity.


Dave Ehman and Carla Aday

Katie Allison

Randy and Leeann Blundell

Denny and Sheila Bolte

Steve and Andrea Bough

Lee and Kristina Brumitt

Kathy and Ed Buckley

Amy Brown and Brian Campbell

Lynn and John Cockle

Catherine Stark-Corn and Brian Corn

Jacqueline and Stan Cyphers

Bill and Jan Daniels

Chuck and Marilyn Dreas

Deanne Stedem and David Forsee

Susan and Alan Garner

Barbara and Alex George

Lisa Hickok

Stuart and Anne Hoffman

Glenn Mills and Ryan Holmes

Lesley and Peter Holt

David and Marie Hunter

Cindy and Randy Irey

Judi and Elvin Knight

Gabe and Amanda Kranz

Greg and Nancy Lear

Mary and John Lehoczky

Pat Martin

Mary McClure

Joanne Kane and Don McFarland

Bob and Kay Moffat

Sally Nielsen

Ed and Carol Pasley

Bob and Sandy Riggle

Russ and Rebka Sakati

Lisa and Doug Schmidt

Jeff and Karen Sherbondy

TJ and Willard Snyder

Howard and Laura Turley

Kay Barnes and Tom Van Dyke

Joe and Susan Walker

Jeffrey and Jan Zimmerman

Fitz Zschietzschmann