Feeding and caring for our neighbors has been a focus of the Metro Mission team and volunteers for years and one key mission partner in this service is Micah Ministry at Independence Boulevard Christian Church. Our church’s history connects back to the beginning with IBCC and it is fitting for us to be in partnership today. Rev. Sharon and Darrell Cantrell serve in leadership for the weekly Monday night meal, bringing warm nourishment and so much more. Sharon shares a reflection on this challenging year and how our financial support is needed.

After 18 years of welcoming our neighbors into the church for the Monday evening meal, Covid hit and we have had to scramble and adapt to meet the needs in the neighborhood. All summer, we set up tents, carried everything outside, and distributed in a safer environment than feeding inside. Insisting on masks for everyone has been a challenge but we have persisted.

Now winter looms and we still cannot invite our neighbors inside. The antiquated ventilation system along with the rise in the Covid numbers around the church, have caused us to decide to serve meals out of the church doors. Volunteers are packaging hot meals and carrying them up the steps to hand out to our neighbors standing in the cold, waiting for food, hygiene or a blanket. A few volunteers are bundling up for the cold and standing outside with a coffee station to offer warm drinks to those who come and providing masks for all.

Are we making a difference?

We know we are barriers to the cold for those rising numbers that are experiencing lack of shelter and/or food. Our meal numbers are rising. We are serving an average of 375 meals each week. Last week, a couple came asking for help as they finally found a place to stay. They have been homeless and sleeping outside all summer. Now finally they have shelter, but they had no heat. They had rented a place where the landlord had not bothered to fix the heat yet. They had no bed but were grateful to be inside, out of the weather. We had a small electric heater someone had donated and two blankets to share and they were so grateful.

As we sleep this night in the warmth of our homes, please know you at Country Club Christian Church are making a difference. Your generosity allows us to continue to provide what we can to meet the growing needs of our community.  Thank you for making a difference.