By Rachel Clement, Director of Finance

I love the stewardship theme for the year! When I first heard it my reaction was “Of course!” Of course the stewardship committee would chose a theme that fits this church so well. You couldn’t be more welcoming. To me this theme is more than welcoming those that walk through the doors of the church. It is all you do. From a mission trip to Mungeli Christian Hospital in India to backsnacks for Harvesters. You not only say all are welcome here but we love you and care about you even if you aren’t within our four walls.

I don’t always get to see your work in person, but I feel it every time I write a check. I feel it when I write a check for the Virginia Reed food drive. Or this year when it was time to distribute the Easter offering, can I say I was blown away by your generosity for the Tiny House Project. But I can also feel the welcome in your everyday giving. The giving that is the life of this church. The giving that makes programs happen and keeps this building open for the community.

As you respond to this year’s campaign, we hope you will think about your level of giving. The stewardship committee has asked that you prayerfully consider a 10 percent increase in your pledge. Everyone’s personal story is different, and the decision on how much to give is a personal one. Your gifts matter, no matter the amount. We currently have almost 100 giving units increasing their pledge. That’s almost half of you that have turned in your pledge cards! Givers on all levels are increasing. Almost half of these increases are over the suggested 10 percent.

There are many ways to make your monthly or annual gifts. We offer electronic giving via your checking account or credit card. Many members gift stock to the church. Then of course we always accept your cash or check! If you would like to discuss your pledge or giving, please contact me. My office hours are Monday (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), Tuesday and Thursday (8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.). Even if you don’t have a question or concern, pop in and say hi so I can put a face with a name.

Thank you for all your thoughtful and generous support of your church.