My old college buddy Bob Cornwall is one of the smartest guys I know.  He’s written a study guide on the book of Ephesians that would be an excellent small group resource.

Bob combines the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor in this participatory study guide on Ephesians. Demonstrating remarkable skill as a communicator, Bob brings this ancient epistle to our contemporary setting in a way that both illuminates the old letter writer’s concerns and enlightens our Christian faith.

This book is filled with insights from a variety of theologians, pastors, mystics and scholars. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging the text with these deep thinkers. I felt like I was in a conversation with Bob and his collection of brilliant friends. The comments, prayers and insights of these intellectuals are worth the price of the book alone.

Bob hopes that readers and users of this study will move toward “a more mature faith in God.” This is an extremely important task and Bob has met that goal with this insightful collection of studies. In a culture that is, as the now cliched saying goes, “a mile wide and an inch deep,” it is imperative for preachers and teachers of the gospel to find engaging ways to invite the people in the pews to dive deeply into the ancient texts we call the Bible.

The opening lesson on the authorship of the letter is a marvelous example of Bob’s ability to take on a technically difficult discussion in such a way that even first-time students of this letter will be wonderfully enriched. The seven lessons that follow demonstrate a marvelous blend of pastoral concern and scholarly integrity.

I heartily recommend this book for pastors needing a helpful refresher on Ephesians and for small groups or Sunday School classes that are looking for high quality materials to guide them in their Christian faith.

Check out Bob’s book here.