AA and Al-Anon Meetings During Stay-At-Home Order

Lara Schopp Congregational Care

The Ward Parkway AA Group leadership has decided to cease meeting INSIDE the church itself. Navigating to the meeting room and maintaining recommended social distancing is nearly impossible.

The decision to not continue in person inside the church meetings is based on several factors:

  1. exposure of our members to Covid-19
  2. exposure of church personnel to Covid-19
  3. the best advice gleaned from the Centers for Disease control and
  4. the best advice gleaned from the World Health organization.

On nice days leaders may meet their group outside the church and conduct their meetings on the church grounds. Members are asked to bring a lawn chair.

On inclement days there will be no in-person outside meeting.

Each meeting leader will be supplied with the most up-to-date mass mailing list so that if and when they can figure out a way to hold virtual meetings, they will have a list to advise the members of where and when online.

It will be up to individual meeting leaders as to whether they conduct an outside in person meeting and should they elect not to, someone who arrives for such a meeting may take over and lead that day, on a one time or every time basis, as the spirit moves them.

If you feel you a need for an in person meeting, beyond the outdoor meetings described above, visit the web site for the Central Office for information on meetings that are still being held, as the Mayor as exempted AA from the Stay at Home order. Members will also be advised by email blast of outdoor park meetings once  their existence is confirmed.

If you attend an outdoor meeting, please keep at least six feet from the nearest participant; bring your own sanitizer and coffee. Please be mindful the church is accepting donations of food and supplies in the Chapel on the west side of the main parking lot; attendees are asked to please leave a lane open.

If you name and email is not on the January 2019 Ward Parkway Group Roster, please email it to [email protected]

The AA Central Office Hotline number is 816-471-7229. Their office is closed as well but the 24 hour hotline is staffed.