Wedding Music Guidelines

Please Read This Section Carefully.

We consider every wedding conducted in the Sanctuary or Chapel a sacred event. Therefore, specific guidelines exist for selection of appropriate music for your wedding.

Your decision to hold your wedding at Country Club Christian Church implies that you have read and understand these policies and that you agree to follow them. If you feel strongly about the music to be selected for your wedding, you may wish to speak with the Minister of Music before you make a final decision about the use of the Sanctuary or Chapel for your ceremony.

Music is a very important part of your wedding and we are ready to help you plan that part of your service. You will be assigned an organist for your wedding. It is the policy of the church that only the Co-Directors of Music or their assignees are permitted to play for your service. As soon as possible, please contact Matthew Thompson to answer any specific questions you might have about your wedding music, and to make arrangements for a music consultation. You may make an appointment to meet our church musician following the 11:00 a.m. Sunday service or another time that is mutually agreeable.

Secular or “popular” music (show tunes, movie music, rock, top 40, easy listening, etc.), whether it is played or sung, is not allowed during the wedding service. This includes music played during the prelude and postlude. A good option for the use of secular music is at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

Pre-recorded music (CDs and tapes) may not be used during weddings. Only live vocal and/or acoustic instrumental music is permitted.  In addition to the difficulty of assuring precise timing and appropriate sound, recorded and/or amplified music does not reflect the formality and grace we prefer to communicate during weddings.


Please choose capable and experienced vocal and/or instrumental musicians. The organist is available to rehearse with musicians, but time does not allow for them to teach the music. It is the responsibility of the musician to contact the organist to schedule rehearsals. When planning for vocalists and/or instrumentalists please be aware of the following:

  1. In planning your vocal music, we recommend no more than three songs, each of about three minutes in duration.
  2. It is the responsibility of the couple to see that the vocalist contacts the organist in sufficient time to approve the music selections and to set up a rehearsal time.  They are welcome to attend the rehearsal to receive cues, but they will not rehearse at that time.
  3. It is the responsibility of the vocalist to provide copies of the music to be sung (in the appropriate key) for use at the wedding.  These copies will be returned to the soloist following the ceremony.
  4. See below for use of additional microphones.
  5. Vocalists will be paid directly by the wedding couple.  It is understood that the church is in no way responsible for any legal obligations that may arise from the hiring of such persons.

Instrumentalists: The use of outside instrumentalists (brass, classical guitar, harp, etc.) is certainly permissible in both the Sanctuary and the Chapel.  As with vocalists, we maintain a list of many players in the area and would be glad to give you names, depending on your budgets and needs.  If you have questions about what portions of the wedding might be played by instruments other than the piano and organ, please contact your assigned organist.  Also, please be aware that only acoustic instruments may play for the weddings at Country Club Christian Church.  This means no electric or amplified instruments may be used in either facility.


Both the Chapel and Sanctuary have excellent sound systems.  In each venue there are two stationary microphones available for your readers and/or singers.  Because of the size of the Sanctuary, additional considerations apply.

  1. If your singer needs to be close to the piano, and neither stationary microphone is close enough, we can arrange for an additional microphone on a stand.  This option is not available in the Chapel.
  2. Please be aware that we do not employ an audio person to monitor the sound board.  Therefore, the sound system is run in automatic mode.  This means, we can not do any mixing of vocal signals.  This would apply particularly if you are having a duet sung.
  3. No one from your wedding party, your personal wedding coordinator, or videographer my touch the sound board for any purpose.  If your videographer requires a sound feed for the tape of your wedding, they may plug into the headphone jack only (requiring a cable with a ¼ inch plug) on our recording deck.  It is the responsibility of the videographer to supply the necessary cable for this purpose.  In addition, should the videographer need this sound feed, they must make these arrangements in advance of the wedding date with the assigned organist.
  4. You may not bring in any type of sound equipment (CD players, cassette deck, etc.) for the purpose of playing any recorded music during the wedding.

There are NO exceptions to any of the above music policies.