Access to Health Care

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This year’s Easter offering will support two local nonprofits who serve individuals in our community who do not have access to quality health care, KC Care Health Center and Care Beyond the Boulevard.

Every day, and particularly during these uncertain times, these organizations are present with and advocating for our underserved neighbors including those who are homeless, uninsured or cannot get quality health care because of adverse financial or social circumstances.

Care Beyond the Boulevard began in 2016 when a volunteer at Micah Ministry at Independence Boulevard Christian Church saw first-hand the depth of need for health care. This organization  now has a medical bus that canvasses Kansas City delivering curbside care, on a walking trail or a bridge over I-70 to anyone in need. Care Beyond the Boulevard also sets up a medical clinic every Monday night during the Micah Ministry mealtime. 

KC Care Health Center began in 1973 to address primary care and reproductive health. Today, any individual or family can receive services ranging from behavioral health, dental care, health screenings, to general primary care and more. They now boast three locations: Northeast KC, Midtown KC, and Research Hospital Campus. KC Care Health Center is dedicated to our city in care, access, research, and education with a commitment to dignity and personalized attention. 

As we journey toward Easter, we celebrate and yearn for Jesus’ compassionate care for friends and neighbors. Organizations like KC Care Health Center and Care Beyond the Boulevard show us there is light and hope during uncertain times. Thank you for helping these organizations provide critical access to health care to those in Kansas City. To give, click the button below and choose Easter Offering from the drop down menu.