Amani Choir Sings in Worship on July 23

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We joyfully welcomed the Amani Choir to worship on Sun., July 23. The group sang in all three worship services.

Since October 2016, Della Lamb Community Services has welcomed over 120 refugees to the Northeast corridor of Kansas City. These refugees, both children and adults, are fleeing from the trauma, violence, repression and torture of situations in which many have spent their entire lives. So often it’s the power of music that transcends and heals.

The Amani Choir (meaning Peace in Swahili) was formed to do just that. These are the combined voices from Della Lamb’s Refugee Resettlement Program including, members from Christ’s Salvation Church, and members from our church. Songs of peace and praise are sung in Swahili and in English.

The Choir is directed by Amanda Sipes. Rehearsals will resume in September. Anyone interested in singing with this group should contact Barbara George for more information at [email protected]

Watch the performances here: