10:30 PM CEPAD Compound, Managua, Nicaragua After a relatively uneventful flight, but a very close connection in Houston (see below), and then a 2.5 hour flight down to Managua airport, we have all arrived safe and sound. The night temperature here is very pleasant, and there’s a smell of oranges in the air here at the CEPAD compound. Everyone is in good spirits. Unfortunately, the parrot is gone. If I find out why I will report in a later post.

Funny but true story: the small plane that our group boarded in Kansas City was all set to go, doors locked, when the pilot came on the intercom and said that somehow the plane was overloaded, and they needed to delay the flight in order to remove some gasoline or something, so the plane would lighten up. Fifteen minutes later we took off. (This relates back to my earlier post, for those who are paying close attention.)

Yours Truly, Eric

Sue, at CEPAD’s compound in Managua