This summer, thousands from across our denomination’s national and international network will gather for our first General Assembly since 2019. For years, our general church has gathered every other year for business meetings, workshops, and plenty of opportunities to connect with friends old and new.

This year, our own Rev. Tyler Heston is serving as the Arts Engagement coordinator and is working with five Resident Artists to create immersive and interactive art installations to live in the exhibit hall at General Assembly. This space is full of booths from our general ministries (like Global Ministries or Chalice Press) as well as various church camps, colleges associated with our denomination, and more. Smack dab in the middle will be our art space— an interactive exploration through four in-person installations and one digital exhibit.

Not only can you find out more about the incredibly talented & visionary artists coming to GA by visiting, but you can be a part of the art experience itself. Not only will there be a variety of ways to experience the installations available digitally during the week of General Assembly, but one artist has a special opportunity for anyone to participate. Maybe that’s you!

Mollie Donihe Wilkerson is a textile artist and is creating a weaving during General Assembly inspired by the words “gather” and “remember.” In preparation, she’s gathering swaths of fabric from Disciples folk from across the country. Perhaps you’d like to submit a piece of an old t-shirt or blanket, perhaps a table cloth or hand towel with some memory attached! You can find out more about Mollie’s vision and how to submit something yourself at