Breaking Bread

Lara Schopp Articles, Catherine Stark-Corn

Rev. Catherine Stark-Corn, Minister to Children and Families

My eldest son has been an intern this summer with a non-profit in northeast KC. Each day after several hours of work, the interns gather with the staff and any other volunteers for lunch. They come together after their morning work, sharing conversation and food. The meal is usually something new and unusual – one time they had venison someone had given them, another time they have used produce they harvested to create vegetarian dishes, and on another occasion food from a local restaurant was shared. In the midst of the laughter and chatter; the chewing and tasting – there is the age old act of communing while breaking bread. His sharing highlights from these daily meals struck a chord with me as I have spent time this summer with other church staff planning for our weekly Backyard Bash events.

These Wednesday evening church gatherings have provided opportunities for learning, for eating, for playing and laughing – and most importantly for connecting. From grilled chicken to cool watermelon, plates are filled by children too young to hold their own to seniors requiring assistance to the table – all gathering to break bread and live fully in the fellowship of our church. We may come for the meal and a class but we leave filled with love and care from being in the presence of other children of God.

In this fast paced daily life so many of us find ourselves – the chance to linger over a meal sharing in conversation can be a special treat – both for body and soul. In many ways being at the table is foundational to who we are as Christians. Each Sunday we gather at a table open to all, we commune, sharing of the bread and juice and we affirm our need for connection with God through one another. May we all take time to see the sharing of a meal in our daily life as a sign of God’s goodness and presence in all that we do.