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2017 Book: The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips

Join us on  Thur., May 11, to hear Gin Phillips, author of The Well and the Mine, talk about the ways that stepping into other people’s lives and living out their stories through literature helps us become more empathetic, kinder people. She will also talk about her own family and how it connects with The Well and the Mine. Phillips is the author of five novels and was the winner of the 2009 Barnes & Noble Discover Award for The Well and the Mine. Her talk on May 11 is entitled, “What’s the Point of Fiction?” Come even if you haven’t read the book!

A reception will follow featuring bluegrass music by Smokey Hill. Want to help with the reception? Sign up here.

About the Book

In a small Alabama coal-mining town during the summer of 1931, nine-year-old Tess Moore sits on her back porch and watches a woman toss a baby into her family’s well without a word. This shocking act of violence sets in motion a chain of events that forces Tess and her older sister Virgie to look beyond their own door and learn the value of kindness and lending a helping hand. As Tess and Virgie try to solve the mystery of the well, an accident puts their seven-year-old brother’s life in danger, revealing just what sorts of sacrifices their parents, Albert and Leta, have made in order to give their children a better life, and the power of love and compassion to provide comfort to those we love.

About the Author

Gin Phillips is the author of five novels. Her debut novel, The Well and the Mine, was the winner of the 2009 Barnes & Noble Discover Award. Since then, her work has been sold in 29 countries.

Born in Montgomery, Al., Gin graduated from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in political journalism. She worked as a magazine writer for more than a decade, living in Ireland, New York, and Washington D.C., before eventually moving back to Alabama.

She currently lives in Birmingham with her family and her schnoodle. More at