Campaign Funds to Support Affordable Housing

Lara Schopp Give, Metro Service, Serve, Serve Our Church

The church’s 2011-2016 Capital Campaign provided $300,000 to be designated for an outreach project in Northeast Kansas City. A portion of these funds were committed to creating a three-year Director of Mission Partnerships staff position to strengthen our relationships and hands on mission projects in the Northeast, and $200,000 would be stewarded to make a lasting impact in the community.

Over the last year, Corey Meyer, Director of Mission Partnerships, and key leaders from the church and Kansas City undertook a discernment process on how to invest our funds and found that initiatives focused on affordable, low-income housing make some of the greatest impact on neighborhoods and residents in any city in the United States and especially in Kansas City. We are happy to announce that last week the church board voted to invest our $200,000 in affordable housing in the Northeast. Housing is often cited as one of the key areas in alleviating the root causes of injustice and promoting the flourishing of all peoples. Two organizations in Kansas City are paving the way with grass-roots efforts to develop and sustain affordable housing for low-income residents, Neighborhoods of Hope and KC Tenants. Our investment will support these organizations’ visions of building affordable single-family homes in Northeast Kansas City and improving the future for low-income residents for generations.

We are excited to share this commitment to our community with you and look forward to sharing more information with you in the upcoming weeks.  For more information about how you can become involved, please contact Corey Meyer