9:01 on the Lawn

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Our popular 9:01 service moves to the front lawn starting Sun., May 26. Join us in this beautiful worship space as we welcome guest musicians, share in communion, and hear a message of hope and grace.

Upcoming Sermon Series

Lara Schopp Sermon Series

ABCs of Faith May 26-July 28. What do you mean when you say the word God or Salvation or Spirit? This summer we will dust off these old words and breathe new life into them. We will seek to claim words that have been used to divide and discover how …

Pathways to Learning

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Praying the Lord’s Prayer Again for the First Time Led by Dr. Mike Graves. Mar. 31, Apr. 7 For nearly two millennia, Christians have been praying the model prayer of Jesus, especially in worship each Sunday. But familiarity can breed contempt, or at least complacency. In these interactive sessions, we …

Lenten Sermon Series

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Today more than ever before folks describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. During the season of Lent, we will look at how spiritual and religious are different and the same.

Preparing for our 100th Anniversary

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As Country Club Christian Church makes plans to celebrate its centennial during 2020-2021, you’re invited to a Centennial Conversation to talk and dream about the church’s next 100 years.

Sermon Series

Lara Schopp Sermon Series

This series based on Jesus’ sermon on the plain in Luke 6 will guide us to see how that same revolutionary love might turn our lives upside down today.