Sermon Series: Turning Points

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Back-to-school and Labor Day are turning points in our calendars. Having a child, burying a loved one are also turning points in our lives. Scripture is full of turning points as well, major moments in the sweep of God’s relationship with our ancestors in the faith.

Sermon Series: Homecoming

Lara Schopp Sermon Series

When we have drifted apart, how do we come home to each other? When we have lost connection with our own spiritual center, how do we come home to ourselves? When God seems distant, how do we come home to God? This three part series will invite us to renew, deepen and …

July Sermon Series: Broken Open

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All of us are broken, but how do we become vulnerable rather than hardened during times of crises?  This three-part series looks at moments in the Bible when the people experienced challenging situations that opened them up to become more engaged in life.  

God’s Hope Sermon Series

Lara Schopp Sermon Series

“God’s Hope” is a sermon series on the prophets, beginning June 9. What might these prophets of old have to say to us in a world slowly emerging from a global pandemic? What might need to change when instead of returning to normal, we move into a new future? June …

The Next 100 Sermon Series

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One hundred years ago, a group of bold leaders built a church in “far south” Kansas City that has hence shaped thousands of lives with the love and grace of Christ.  As we celebrate the Centennial of our congregation, we now boldly build the tomorrows for those who will come …

Sermon Series: Stories in Glass, Part II

Lara Schopp Sermon Series

Jan. 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7, 14 Part II of this series continues our detailed look at Country Club Christian Church’s stained glass windows. Starting January 17, we’ll begin a look at the five large windows on the southern wall of our sanctuary. The stained glass windows shape the beauty …