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By Lisa McCleish, Director of Early Childhood Programs Last March, the Parents’ Day Out and Preschool Program left on a Friday, ready for a week spring break, and didn’t re-open until June 1, over 10 weeks later. COVID. Admittedly, the staff were unprepared to be closed due to a pandemic. …

Small and Big at the Same Time

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“If you do something really great out in the wilderness, no one will clap for you,” she said with a gentle smile and a enthusiastic staccato in her voice. She was young, 20 something, and had earned a degree in art and wilderness therapy. I had heard of art therapy …


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On Tuesday night, 96 of us gathered for the annual “State of the Church.” About 35 of us gathered in the back yard under the tent and later more than 60 of us gathered via Zoom. One person wrote to me and said it was the best one we had ever had. I …


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I listened to an interview with author and professor, George Saunders. In the interview he shared about the time he went incognito in a homeless shelter in Fresno, California. There he met a wise older man from Guatemala who kept saying “Everything is always keep changing.” Professor Saunders says that …

A Fountain

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Deep and Wide Deep and Wide There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide. Thirty-two years ago was my first official day on the job at Country Club Christian Church. I could not have imagined then the depth and width I would experience inside the contours of this beloved congregation. I …

Summer Reading

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A friend recently asked me how I make time to read so much. I laughed because I never feel like I find enough time to read. When the pandemic broke out I thought it would be a perfect time to read more, with fewer night meetings and social engagements. But …


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“Monkey in the Middle” pierced the subtle rhythm of the ocean lapping at the shore. Squeals and dives and splashes erupted as my young adult son taught his nieces and nephews his favorite childhood game.

Socially Distanced, Socially Connected

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Most every week when the staff meets, we read an article or excerpt from a book for us to ponder and discuss. Some are heavy, others not so much. Some focus directly on ministry, others on a variety of topics with us having to make our own connections. But there’s …

Blackberry Moments

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“Look, I found a huge one, this one will be mine… oh look at this little one here, this can be for my little sister.” This was the running monologue of my 5-year-old grandson during our recent blackberry picking adventure. We learned to bypass the red ones which are too …

The Middle

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  “Everything looks like a failure in the middle. Everyone loves inspiring beginnings and happy endings; it is just the middles that involve hard work.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business Review 2009 Back in March, we thought we needed to hunker down for a few weeks or maybe even a …