God’s Gift of Love

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Their love was forbidden. Their marriage was a secret. They lived most of their days apart and in solitude. But nothing could thwart their devotion to each other. It was medieval France and priests were not allowed to marry. His name was Peter of Abelard and her name was Heloise. …

Reflections on Pathways

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Anne Haraughty, Ministries Coordinator If you were fortunate enough to attend Pathways to Learning last Sunday morning, you may still be digesting the information that was presented. Pakou Ker, Principal and Lead Organizer of the Tseng Development Group, led the first of two sessions concerning racial equity. She challenged us …

One Giant Leap for Mankind

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By Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care Email ads almost never make my heart soar. But this one did. Late the other night I received an ad for t-shirts commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo XI mission. The 50th anniversary of walking on the Moon?! Groovy! My whole …

My Comfort With Silence

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Corey Meyer, Director of Mission Partnerships They told my mother I wasn’t ready for kindergarten. In Blue Springs they would do an interview-like meeting to assess whether children had learned some basic skills and were ready to be in the classroom. My “growing edge” (as we would say it today): …

We Come Together

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Two- year-old George bounded down the center aisle with his big brothers and plopped down on the red carpeted steps in front of the communion table. Two seconds into the children’s sermon George stood, climbed up and cozied himself right into Rev Joe Walker’s lap. Though we were only eight minutes into the 9:01 worship service, with offering, communion and sermon still to go, for me the worship was already complete.

The Stillness of Snow

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The snow, even days after it has fallen and as it turns brown and black from foot and road traffic, is absolutely wonderful to me. The frozen precipitation paints fresh beauty into familiar landscapes.

Marjorie’s Story

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I have a handwritten copy of a history presentation about our church. It was written and presented by Marjorie, a charter member of our church. She was a little girl, living a stone’s throw from the church, in the early 1900s.  She recalls that the land where our church stands was part of the Wornall Homestead.

A Question for the New Year

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Rev. Catherine Stark-Corn, Interim Minister to Children and Families The Christ child is born – the new year is here and this is the week I begin to feel a bit deflated after all the build-up through Advent and anticipation of Christmas. It’s not that the Advent and Christmas seasons …

Staying Informed

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Lara Schopp, Director of Communications W hen Glen Miles was the Senior Minister, he used to tell a story about good-hearted and well-intentioned lay leader who was passionate about a church project. “Glen, we’ve got to tell more people about this. Nobody knows it’s happening. We need to promote it. …

Scholar or Nerd?

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Rev. Mike Graves, Scholar in Residence and Minister of Spiritual Formation When I was in seminary, there were days I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what was being presented was a piece of trivia that would never come in handy, not in my daily life as a …