Pick-Up Choir

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Dina Pannabecker Evans, Executive Director, Operations, and Co-Director, Music The wealth of time and talent shared by volunteers here at Country Club Christian Church is a constant source of amazement to me. We are grateful for the difference these gifts make to the life of the church and its surrounding …

Holiday Conversations

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Even in the gathering dusk the unadorned concrete slab on its native rock foundation was still warm from the summer sun. My grandmother, “Grams,” and I settled on the edge facing east; she with her feet on the roughhewn stone steps while I dangled my gangly legs over the side.

On Gratitude

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We had finished our bedtime stories and I was ready to tuck them in to bed. “I’m not saying it, I always say it.” My granddaughters (ages 5 and 8) began bickering about who would say the night night prayers. It was a standoff and my husband had to intervene to get us past the impasse.

Being a Questions Church

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By Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth A couple days ago, I made a mistake I’m prone to making and got on Twitter while I was trying to be productive. In the middle of silly memes, tweets about Ariana, and reminders to vote, I saw a tweet that said that …


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I am about 100 yards away from the beach. But I can’t quite get there. A few more things to read, memos to send, projects to complete. I look forward to the feel of the sand in my toes and the sound of the ocean rhythm. But I resist letting go of my important tasks a little longer.

1968 and Now

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By Dr. Mike Graves, Scholar in Residence and Minister of Spiritual Formation All this year, National Public Radio has featured a series on the 50th anniversary of 1968, one of the most traumatic years in American history. Here’s the briefest of reminders: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were …

A Moment for Harvest

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By Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth People told me that I would adore autumn in the Midwest. It has always been my favorite season—the heat of the summer is past, the new routines of August and September are settled, and the leaves of the trees display brilliant reds, oranges, …

A Big Something….Or Not?

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By Rev. Catherine Stark-Corn, Interim Minister to Children and Families Sitting in the reception hall for a friend’s wedding – the music plays an engaging melody while the newly married couple takes to the dance floor. Twinkling soft lights give off a fuzzy glow that makes the space a bit …

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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By Lara Schopp, Director of Communication A photographer friend once told me that to get one good photo, you have to take 100 shots. This was back before every mobile phone came with a decent quality camera, and I was still shooting film using 24 or 36 exposure rolls. Today, …

Woven Together

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Last week I gathered with family for a reunion, with colleagues for a conference, with neighbors for a homes association dinner, with church leaders at a Board planning retreat, and with friends at a small dinner party.  At each gathering, I felt a mixture of belonging and discomfort.  When shall …

We Are Filling Buckets

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By Lisa McCleish, Director of Early Childhood Programs The preschool classes are using the children’s book How Full is Your Bucket? as part of their curriculum this year. The book explains that every person has an imaginary bucket; when we say nice words, share toys, and help our friends or …