Awakening with Community

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How do we awaken to the awe and wonder of life? In his recent book, “Life’s Too Short Not to Be Religious” author and professor David Dark says “No one awakens all by themselves”.

A Life-cherishing Force

Shannon Gammon Articles, Carla Aday

Burnout, exhaustion, malaise, worry. We all have days when life feels more draining than energizing. Sometimes you are driving home from the office after a 10 hour work day and wondering if there is any food in the fridge to make a nourishing supper for the children. Sometimes you look …

Let Music Unite

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On October 6th and 7th, our church will host Spire Chamber Ensemble presenting a semi-staged performance of Craig Hella Johnson’s Considering Matthew Shepard in honor of the 25th anniversary of one of America’s most notorious anti-gay hate crimes.

“A Hundred Million Miracles”

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In his spiritual memoir, British journalist Philip Toynbee wrote, “The basic command of religion is not ‘do this!’ or ‘do not do that!’ but simply look!” That may seem overly simplistic when one considers all the things the Bible commands us to do, but I think he makes a good point.

“Barbenheimer” and the Bible

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When I was still teaching at the seminary, I wrote an article about preaching in which I compared the creative process to making a movie. Lots of scholars have borrowed various metaphors over the years to get at what putting a sermon together is like.

Young Hearts of Service

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Rev. Catherine Stark-Corn serves as our Minister to Children and Families / Outreach Ministries “What amazing helpers you have been!” “I cannot believe they all worked so hard the full time.” “Everyone pitched in to get all the projects done…and no one complained!” These were just a few of the comments …


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Community. That word means many different things to many different people. But for 70 of us here at Country Club Christian Church, “community” meant being a group in the Rocky Mountains.

A Gift to Children

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“Good morning, Melissa!” With her voice ringing as if it were the brightest of bells, Lisa McCleish has welcomed each student and family by name at our preschool door for 17 years as the Director of Early Childhood Programs.

How Much Is Enough?

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Even though I have been a member of staff since October 2022, I still get asked “How is the new job?”. Each time I easily answer with the same response, “I love it – it is amazing to work with a group of people who always give 110%!”

A Trip Down the Hall

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By Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care I expect you’ll use the bathroom today. But you might not give any thought to the toilet as one symbol of a functional and peaceful society. War correspondent, Jane Ferguson, in her new book, No Ordinary Assignment, writes: “A short stroll down a dirt …

Heavy AND Hopeful

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To the cherished congregation of Country Club Christian Church—
With both heaviness and hope in my heart I announce that my last Sunday at Country Club Christian Church will be Sunday, August 13.

The Church Can Be….

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I continue to be in a time of recreating – imagining – wondering. In these recent months with the pandemic not front and center in headlines, I am still grasping at a rhythm. I find I like predictability – to know what is coming, how to approach what’s next.

The Conversation Continues

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One way to describe a sermon is as “a small piece of the Church’s ongoing conversation.” There are obviously two sides to that equation: there is what gets said prior to any given sermon that preachers account for (scholarly commentaries and everyday conversations), as well as the discourse that continues afterward, when the sermon is no longer the preacher’s but hopefully living on in the people who heard it.

Where Is Your Church? 

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By Rev. Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care If someone were to ask, “Where is your church,” how would you answer that question? Likely, your first response would be to give the location of the physical building, “It’s that beautiful gothic church on Ward Parkway.” During these summer months, you might …