What Makes a Life Worth Living?

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By Dr. Mike Graves, Scholar in Residence and Minister of Spiritual Formation Three years ago this January, the New York Times published an article, “Yale’s Most Popular Course Ever: Happiness.” The course was actually called Psychology and the Good Life, and within six days of being listed for the previous …

Voices of Faith

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At the beginning, women had no voice in the church. The board was exclusively men for many years. However, one woman’s voice was resounded every week. Esther Darnell was the paid soloist who was hired the first year of the church’s formation. She was a well-established performer in Kansas City and …

Good Darkness

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When I was a child, nothing brought me more joy than summer camp. I would beg my mother to let me stay more weeks. The rope swing over the river, the counselor skits at dinner, the girls’ banter in the cabin, the massive games at night in the woods, and …

The Spirit of Christmas

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I didn’t know what to expect. Without the typical hubbub of activities: parties, concerts, shopping, I didn’t know if it would feel much like Christmas. Just after Thanksgiving I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some special order supplies for the church Christmas decorations. Although I had an email confirmation that …

A Way Out of No Way

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The best metaphor for our world of today is astronauts speeding through the cosmos, but with their life-supporting capsule pierced by a meteorite fragment. But the Church resembles Mary and Joseph traveling from Egypt to Nazareth on a donkey, holding in their arms the weakness and poverty of the Child …

Let the Streets Resound

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Late on the first Sunday night of February, our city erupted with joy after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and people filled the streets with celebration. My boyfriend and I had spent the evening at some friends’ on the other side of Midtown; driving home down 39th street from …


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This week we have been bombarded with numbers.  Numbers of absentee ballots, of electoral college votes, of new covid cases, percentage of positive test rates.  We are swimming in a sea of numbers and statistics and trying to make meaning of it all.  Sometimes the numbers are overwhelming and sometimes …

Handkerchiefs Everywhere

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“In his holy flirtation with the world, God occasionally drops a pocket handkerchief.  These handkerchiefs are called saints.”  – Frederick Buechner I’m grateful to my colleague, Rev. Joe Walker, who had the idea this year that we should really pause to honor the saints. It got me to thinking about who …

Seeing God’s Vision

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I met Father Ed Hayes 25 years ago when he was directing a retreat center in rural Kansas. Ed had this grandfatherly way of bringing people together from many different spiritual perspectives. He was equally at home at the head of the long oak dinner table and at the chapel’s communion table …

A Time to Mourn  

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It occurs to me that some of you reading this do not have a personal memory of September 11, 2001, and the events known as 9/11. You may not have been born yet or were too young to have memories of that fateful day. Suffice to say that the attacks on our soil were horrific and heartbreaking.