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In his newest book* Christian Wiman tells about the night his wife was traveling for business which left him alone with their 4-year-old twins. He thought all was going well until one of them woke up in the middle of the night and said she couldn’t sleep. He gently suggested to her blue Read More...

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A Messy Family Story

At our house the day after Thanksgiving we begin the Christmas tree decorating and the Christmas cards. Soon snippiness, frustration, and marital discord erupts and bah humbug moves into our house.

2023-12-01T07:18:17-06:00December 1, 2023|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|

Expressing Gratitude

“The research is clear:  Those who consciously express gratitude for at least three to five components of their lives every week are simply happier than those who don’t.”  - Joan Chittister quoting Martin E.P. Seligman By the time you read this someone has already begun menu planning, grocery shopping and maybe even Read More...

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God’s Vision for Peace

When I was 17, I traveled with other Disciples of Christ youth to the United Nations in New York for an International Affairs seminar. First, we heard a briefing from the Palestinians and then a briefing from the Israelis. I remember how sitting in each briefing I felt complete support for each position.

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