Walking the Tightrope

Take one step on the tightrope. Careful. Balance. Breathe. Take another. Yes, it is that season again. Presidential debates, political rallies, partisan conventions and extra large yard signs all remind us that the season of the fall election is already upon us.

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Celebrating Service

It was almost nine pm when I dropped off a friend at the church parking lot and noticed a car in the driveway. Initially alarmed, I quickly noticed a person behind the shrubs weeding and pruning the flower beds around the chapel.

2024-06-21T08:32:36-05:00June 21, 2024|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|

Love Wins

This morning some are rejoicing, and some are lamenting a jury’s verdict. But on Sunday we gather at a table with those who disagree with us to break bread together.

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In the Midst of Friends

When I arrived at Yale Divinity School the famous author and Catholic priest Henri Nouwen had retired from teaching and moved north to a different ministry context. However one of the staff members at the Divinity School still managed Father Nouwen’s finances.

2024-05-23T15:43:34-05:00May 24, 2024|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|

The Ordinary

A return to the rhythm of the ordinary sometimes feels sacred. Whether the extraordinary event feels joyful like a wedding or burdensome like a pandemic, our energy shifts to accomplishing this feat.

2024-05-17T08:52:14-05:00May 17, 2024|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|

Bread and Wine

We checked in to KU hospital early in the morning where my husband Dave was scheduled for surgery. One of the pastors from our church stopped by to pray with us in the waiting room.

2024-05-01T10:59:57-05:00May 3, 2024|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|

Holy Connection

Tulley Beard is my delightful assistant and our very talented Director of Administration. Monday she brought a pair of “eclipse” glasses and suggested that during our Monday business meeting, we step outside to watch the moon pass in front of the sun.

2024-04-12T10:26:16-05:00April 12, 2024|Categories: Articles, Carla Aday|
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