Cold Hope

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Can you imagine having 200 guests in our sanctuary in sub-freezing weather and us not having heat in our building? Can you imagine 200 guests staying for two hours with coats, hats, and gloves on?


Lara Schopp Articles, Joe Walker

When did I become “old”? That’s not a punchline, it’s a serious question.    

Last weekend our congregation helped host Culver-Stockton College students on their “Know Thy Selfie” retreat. As a church we arranged for a service opportunity at Grace United Community Ministries, one of our Northeast neighborhood partners.

Braggin’ Rights

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The utility crews were peering into this hole the other day as I was walking through our parking lot. I asked if I could look, too, and they graciously agreed. I casually mentioned that it reminded me of the holes we dug for the foundation of a community center on our most recent mission in Nicaragua.

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I vividly recall the first time I saw something called a “Macintosh,” a product of an unknown start-up Apple Computer. This little ivory-colored box was in a friend’s basement office and was only connected to the electrical outlet. As we huddled around its tiny black and white screen, it came to life with a little smiley face. Something in my very being sensed that we were peering into a window on the future. We were.

From One to Astrophysics and Back

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At first glance, two books could not seem more different. Who Counts? is a numbers book for children ages 3-8 based on scripture stories. I pretty much “get” that one. The other is Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Everything I know about astrophysics I learned from “The Jetsons.”

Sacred Space

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This past month we held a family celebration at Tall Oaks Conference Center, our region’s camp in Linwood, Kansas. The eldest of our four generations had been volunteers at Tall Oaks long years ago and they love to return to its familiar beauty and relive the memory of friendships that the camp evokes.

Way Beyond the Cookies

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Joe: “Did you know I have a Girl Scout award?” Girl Scout: “Whaaat?” (complete with a side glance and a little head shake) Joe: “Because I helped start two Girl Scout troops.” Girl Scout: “Reeeealy?” (with another doubting head shake) It was an amusing little exchange that began last Sunday …

Go Confidently, Go Together

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“In our most relaxed moments, we sit with our friends and fantasize about how we would like things to be—but we immediately retreat from the excitement such visions generate,” observes Rabbi Michael Lerner, “because we ‘know’ that they are impossible, that no one would ever join us in doing what …

So Much More Than a Walker

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  You see the walker in this photo? You made it possible for this woman to have that walker. We met this woman during the first of our two Nicaragua missions this year, the February adult trip. She lived in a remote cluster of houses alongside the dirt road that …

Our Historic Ride

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by Rev. Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care I was McKenna’s age when the Golden Age of the Kansas City Streetcars coasted to a halt. So, last Saturday’s ride on the new streetcar with her provided an illustrative historic vantage point. Last Saturday we were delighted to host some much-beloved …