Blackberry Moments

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“Look, I found a huge one, this one will be mine… oh look at this little one here, this can be for my little sister.” This was the running monologue of my 5-year-old grandson during our recent blackberry picking adventure. We learned to bypass the red ones which are too …

The Middle

Lara Schopp Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

  “Everything looks like a failure in the middle. Everyone loves inspiring beginnings and happy endings; it is just the middles that involve hard work.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business Review 2009 Back in March, we thought we needed to hunker down for a few weeks or maybe even a …


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I was taught that there were five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, sound. All ways of knowing the world around us, of taking in the beauty of a hibiscus blossom or the sumptuousness of the first summer tomato. Something resonates in the heart when we hear a loved one’s voice on the other end of the telephone. Our senses do not just make us safe. They seem like a passageway to the soul.

Tales from a Cotton Patch

Lara Schopp Articles, Mike Graves

Clarence Jordan was a farmer. Clarence Jordan was a New Testament Greek scholar. Clarence Jordan was a Southern Baptist minister and social activist. Clearly, he was not your ordinary kind of farmer.

The Beginning

Lara Schopp Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

A year ago, I visited for the first time in my life, the place where Jesus likely hung on a cross to die. We sat in lush green garden with sweet smelling flowers and looked out a dusty red earthen hillside on the edge of a rugged curved road. We …

Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth

Lara Schopp Articles, Tyler Heston, Youth Ministry

Last week, some of us worshipped together with others demonstrating and speaking out against racist violence and injustice in our country. On Friday night, a group of youth and young adults joined together at the Nelson-Atkins Museum to walk over to a peaceable demonstration at the Plaza. Wearing masks and keeping our distance from each other, we marched, led by a minister at Unity Southeast Church and kneeling for a few minutes in honor of George Floyd. 

Worship Update from Carla

Lara Schopp Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

As our community is beginning to lift some of the restrictions on public gatherings I want to share with you an update on our plans as a church community.  I have been in conversation with other area faith leaders, congregations of our size across the country, our church board and …

Spiritual Connection

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A young father recently told me, “I am realizing that our family doesn’t need more vacations, we just need to spend time at home hanging out together and enjoying each other.” And my son drove home from Nashville last night and at our dinner table he proclaimed, “Wow, it’s so …

Loving Life Choices

Lara Schopp Articles, Congregational Care, Joe Walker

My dear friend and former co-presenter Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson and I recently enjoyed a conversation on “Loving Life Choices: Looking at Your Life and How You Want to Be Remembered.” The interview aired on Sun., May 17 and can be viewed below: