Your Gifts Matter

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I am blessed to receive your annual giving pledges but also to see your gifts at work. Each time I write a check to pay a bill I am reminded that your contributions make so many things possible. The generosity of your gifts should be celebrated

God’s Grace

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Something shifted within me. I saw something beyond what I was seeing. The adorable children were singing on the front steps of the church. There were 13 voices. They captured each note in a way that conveyed the meaning of the lyrics. Their eyes focused Alex as he directed. Their smiles melted me as they finished singing.

Thank You!

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By Rachel Clement, Director of Finance I love the stewardship theme for the year! When I first heard it my reaction was “Of course!” Of course the stewardship committee would chose a theme that fits this church so well. You couldn’t be more welcoming. To me this theme is more …

Easter Offering Raises Record Amount

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On behalf of the members and friends of Country Club Christian Church, the Outreach Grants and Special Offerings Team was able to present to the Veterans Community Project a check in the amount of $32,596. The total amount of the offering was $41,082. This is the largest amount that our congregation has ever raised for a Easter/special offering.

Christmas Offering Raises $17,582

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This year’s special Christmas offering will be directed to Heart to Heart International, a local organization providing relief and help for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Our annual Christmas Offering is a way for our church to extend its reach and to carry out the Christian mission to help others in need.

Global Ministries Update on Overseas Ministries Work

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On July 24 we welcomed Rev. Julia Brown Karimu, President of the Division of Overseas Ministries of our denomination and the co-executive of Global Ministries (Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ), and her associates.

How Can I Keep From Singing?

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There are moments in life. Extraordinary moments. Sometimes a moment fills us with such amazing joy that we can hardly keep ourselves from singing. This year’s Spring Stewardship Campaign, “How Can I keep from Singing” invites us to recall those life changing moments: At such times, the Spirit of God …