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On Jan. 7, I was leaving the 10:00 a.m. Chapel service, having participated by playing for Kevin Briggs’ offertory solo. I was feeling quite good that morning. It had snowed, but everything had been taken care of by the facilities crew. I was walking on what seemed like a perfectly cleaned brick walkway. As I walked away from the chapel, I was singing along with the Doxology while thinking about rehearsal with the Chancel Choir. In a split second I became aware that I was airborne

Holiday Memories

Lara Schopp Adult Music, Articles, Staff Messages

We will soon be embarking on the busiest time of the year. And for me, Advent and Christmas are the most exciting times in the church year. Holiday decorations everywhere and at home, holiday parties with family and friends, out-of-town guests, inspiring sermons, shopping for the special gift, cooking and eating delightful food: these things are wonderful and, quite often, they trigger memories from our past, especially childhood. 

Music Outreach

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As we dream of what the church can become, and consider our vision of ministry, Brian Campbell, chair of the music committee, challenged Paul Tucker and me to develop a series of music events outside of the Sunday morning worship services. It was a joy-filled challenge, as we are so pleased to share our beautiful church home with others as we also work to meet the vision of ministry set out by the Board. It is also a goal of ours to bring a variety of music into the sanctuary and the chapel.

Amani Choir

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Our congregation, in partnership with Della Lamb Community Services, has formed a choir of refugees and church members called Amani, the Swahili word for peace. The choir will sing in the community as well as at our church. Amanda Sipes, a masters level student at KU, will lead the choir. …