Back to School Blessing and 3rd Grade Bibles

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Children and families are invited on August 23 for our annual traditions of a Back to School Blessing and the presentation of a Bible to all our third graders. 5:45 – Back to School Blessing 6:00 – Third Grade Bible Presentation 6:15 – Kona Ice Contact April for more information.

Backyard Bash 

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This summer’s Backyard Bash offerings look a little different, but as we have done the last two summers, we are excited to offer online class offerings and activities for children and families, starting June 10. Our goals of community, spiritual development and fun are still present this year. You are invited to join one of these opportunities:

Families Gardening at Church

Lara Schopp Children & Families

Children and families are assisting the Green Team in preparing the church grounds for spring and summer. The Dakan family did general clean up this week to keep the grounds tidy and help prepare for the flower planting.  Other families will be putting almost 800 begonias in the ground in the …

Children’s Story & Song Hour

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We are excited for  stories and songs with you and your children on Wednesday at 4:30. This meeting is geared towards birth – 2nd grade but all ages welcome. If you’d like information on how to join in, email April Booth. 

Be Kind

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By Lisa McLeish, Director of Early Childhood Programs I n spite of my effort to only watch the news for the weather forecast, the other news of the world makes itself known. The excitement and happiness of the Chief’s Super Bowl win seems so long ago as we are inundated …