A Time to Mourn  

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It occurs to me that some of you reading this do not have a personal memory of September 11, 2001, and the events known as 9/11. You may not have been born yet or were too young to have memories of that fateful day. Suffice to say that the attacks on our soil were horrific and heartbreaking.

Called Together

Lara Schopp Congregational Care

Thank you for making personal calls to members and visitors to strengthen our relationships during this time when it is difficult to be together in-person.

Prayer Walk

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Have you missed being at church during the pandemic? If you’ve missed the beauty of our grounds we invite you to download this Prayer Walk guide and take a field trip to church. 

Faith & Grief Virtual Support Gathering

Lara Schopp Congregational Care

Faith & Grief Virtual Support Gathering for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Everyone welcome. Hosted by Kansas City area congregations. Prayer and sharing with a guest reflection. Register here. Info 816-381-9249. Tues. Sep. 1 Tues., Oct. 6