Loving Life Choices

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My dear friend and former co-presenter Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson and I recently enjoyed a conversation on “Loving Life Choices: Looking at Your Life and How You Want to Be Remembered.” The interview aired on Sun., May 17 and can be viewed below:

AA and Al-Anon Meetings During Stay-At-Home Order

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The Ward Parkway AA Group leadership has decided to cease meeting INSIDE the church itself. Navigating to the meeting room and maintaining recommended social distancing is nearly impossible. The decision to not continue in person inside the church meetings is based on several factors: exposure of our members to Covid-19 …

Centennial Collection Initiative

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In 2020, Country Club Christian Church will celebrate its Centennial. As part of that celebration, a team is collecting information that will help tell the story of the church’s history. Do you have memories, photos, or records about the church? Anything that might illustrate your connections to the church and …

Green Burial Information

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As our culture embraces a more “green” lifestyle, people frequently ask how they can be respectful of the body of a deceased loved one while at the same time caring for our planet which provided sustenance throughout their life. To achieve both goals, two burial practices which are gentle to …

Students of History

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By Rev. Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care I can distinctly remember that upon witnessing one particularly unusual historical event I uttered this incredibly foolish prediction, “We will never see anything like this again in our lifetime.” Oh my, the things you say when you’re 18 (or 63, for that …