Why Lent and I don't get along

“Justy!”  All it took when I was a kid was my mother referring to me as “Justy” with a look of disappointment and I was in a puddle of tears and begging for forgiveness.  I’ve never handled failing people, tasks, or anything very well. I think that is why I’m quite awful Read More...

2012-03-08T15:55:11-06:00March 8, 2012|Categories: Youth Ministry Blog|

Keep on coming back!

I don’t know if you have ever seen the sweaty and crabby version of me, but it isn’t pretty.  I began working out with my best friend and a personal trainer this week. The entire workout I was thinking “This guy is nuts…when can I eat a cookie?”  I began to think Read More...

2012-02-15T17:21:47-06:00February 15, 2012|Categories: Youth Ministry Blog|
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