The check-in team at the clinic. Nurse Sue. Digging footings for the teacher's lunch spot. Working on a new latrine. Footing hole. Digging with the school in the background.

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Day 2, from the Clinic

Greetings from Nicaragua!!!  Today was our second day in the medical clinic. We saw between 80 and 90 patients. Today we became a well oiled machine. Things ran extremely well. I think our hearts have all been touched by the warmth, kindness, tenacity and joy of the Nicaraguan people. We have seen Read More...

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First Day Photos: Prep and Loading

Nancy shares these photos from the first day at CEPAD's Nehemiah Center in Managua before traveling to Canas Blancas in Carazo. Loading the truck. Ready to dig. More loading... Labeling medicine for home health kits. More labeling... Luis Still more labeling...there are lots of pills to organize.

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The Eagle has landed

Saturday, February 23... We arrived in Nicaragua right on time…with 95 percent of the luggage we left Kansas City with. We arrived in Managua short a couple of checked bags.  We did however pick up a dozen folks from North Carolina in Atlanta. It’s good to see our friends, and it’s always Read More...

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