Ecuador Mission Trip Presentation

Lara Schopp 2020 Ecuador Mission Trip, Mission Trips

Team members from the recent Ecuador mission trip will share stories and photos about their experiences on Sun., Feb. 9 at 10:00 a.m. in the Koinonia Sunday School classroom, in the Solarium on the third floor. Learn about the “Minga” (working together) formed with FEDICE in Ecuador and the community …

First Two Day: January 17 – 18

Lara Schopp 2020 Ecuador Mission Trip

Welcome to Ecuador! Seeing, Feeling, and Adjusting. We have been in Otavalo, Ecuador for a full day now and we are excited to share with you what we have been up to. Our travel day on Thursday was certainly a long one. Arriving at the airport by 4:00 a.m. and …

First Days in Ecuador

Lara Schopp 2020 Ecuador Mission Trip

Our team has arrived in Ecuador and has spent the first couple of days getting to know the area. They have visited a church, got a peek at a local wedding, and even found a KC fan at the Otavalo Market.  

We’re home. Now what?

Lara Schopp 2019 High School Ecuador Mission Trip

An international mission trip isn’t easy. There’s much to plan, much to purchase, much to prepare. The hardest part, however, may be readjusting to life back home. Beyond catching up on rest, it can be difficult to make sense of the memories and the transformation you’ve had while traveling; it …

From Aislinn: Ecuador day 2

Lara Schopp 2019 High School Ecuador Mission Trip

Today was an earlier day than yesterday, and we had gotten through the listening part and into the doing. Even though the morning was full of painting and staining and finishing the ceiling we still had opportunities to learn about their culture through our work and observations. For example, on …