2009 New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 1

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We made it!!!  928 miles, 16 hours.  Hurricane watch, coastal flooding predicted!  We had a safe trip, tired.  At 8 a.m. Monday we will meet the local coordinator and get our work site assignments.  Pray for us, we’re ready to go, hurricane or not!  We had communion this evening, missed …

Cedar Rapids Mission Trip Report

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Cedar Rapids Mission Trip Report June 11-13, 2009 Eleven volunteers went to Cedar Rapids, IA, from June 11-13 to help with rebuilding after last year’s massive flooding.  The group worked on Cedar Christian Church that sat in eight feet of water after the Cedar River crested at 35 feet on …

Day 9 — Shout Outs

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We are sitting in the very tiny East London airport waiting for what I hope is not a very tiny airplane!  We have now been gone for almost a week and a half, so we wanted to send a little hello to our friends and family back home. 

Ons Plek

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Today we had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the women who work at Ons Plek (“Our Place”), a shelter for girls living on the streets of Cape Town and beyond. 

Days 7-8

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Sunday and Monday were days of celebrating after all of our hard work at the Thembani Centre.  We started by joining the Xhosa church that we had painted in worship.  Next, we headed south to the Schotia game reserve. 

Days 4-6

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Thembani On Friday, we ventured into the heat and even deeper into the South African countryside.  We started with a visit to Neville’s Newtown Philipton Primary School, where the 2007 group spent a full day. 

March 11 – Day 3

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Julia’s friend told her, “When you meet anyone in Africa, it’s like you’ve met a long-lost relative.”  If that’s true (and I think it must be), tonight was our family reunion! 

March 9 – Day 1

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We are a diverse group, your emissaries from Country Club Christian to South Africa. There are 14 of us in all, seven who’ve been on the trip before, and another seven of us who have no idea what we are in for.  I was ready for some fresh perspective and a break …

Mon., 3/9 – Brief update

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No “official” blog from the team yet, but Glen posted the following on his Facebook page about 2:45 a.m. our time today: “…in East London, South Africa with 13 folks from Country Club Christian Church.

South Africa Pre-Trip

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On Mar. 7, 14 members of the 2009 South Africa Mission Team will leave for East London, South Africa, to continue Country Club Christian Church’s work with our mission partners there, Dawn and Jon Barnes.