Native Plant Sale – Pre-Orders Only

Spring is here and we could all use some outside time so take a look at the native plants available for pre-order! These will arrive in time for spring planting! Restoring native plant habitat is vital to preserving biodiversity. By creating a native plant garden, each patch of habitat becomes part of a Read More...

Week of Compassion: Responding To The COVID-19 Crisis In India

In India, COVID-19 infection rates are rising exponentially and the health system is collapsing under the burden. Hospitals in urban centers are overcrowded and often turn people away. Supplies, including oxygen, are running low, and various strains of the virus more frequently require that patients be treated with oxygen. Families that already Read More...

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Week of Compassion

Week of Compassion is the relief, refugee, and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), working with partners to alleviate suffering throughout the world. For more information about how to contribute, click here.

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Green Items in The Well

The Sustainability Team, in collaboration with The Well, is offering a range of environmentally friendly products for purchase. Much of what we use day to day could be more friendly to the earth. As convenient as plastic wrap and plastic shopping bags may seem, the long term impact of their use on Read More...

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Native Plant Sale

What do milkweed, garden phlox, wild ginger and purple coneflower have in common? Besides being native perennials (which require less water after the first year, are grown without pesticides and feed/support pollinators), these varieties along numerous other native plants are available for pre-order on Sundays. Find a visual display of choices on Read More...

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Prayer Boxes in The Well

Shop The Well for Prayer Boxes. They provide a designated space for people to place reminders of situations, groups, events or individuals they wish to keep in mind and heart. During a time of prayer or meditation, they can review the contents of the boxes, which can focus their thoughts and help Read More...

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Spring Books and Gifts in The Well

The Well has new books and gift items for Easter and spring. They would make perfect Easter gifts for your children or grandchildren! Enhance your Lenten journey with daily devotions. A wide variety of devotional books for Lent are available, by Ann Weems, Richard Rohr, Walter Breuggemann, Pope Francis and others.

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Holiday Shopping at The Well

Enhance your Advent Experience this year with daily meditations. Shop in The Well for meditations by Walter Brueggemann, Richard Rohr, Henry Nouwen and others. Many other children’s and adult Christmas books are also available to be purchased in The Well.

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Oils of the Bible Class in The Well

Learn about oils used in Biblical times: frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh and more. You will learn what they are, how they work and where they come from. Wed., Nov. 7, 5:30 p.m., Sign up in the Well. $5/person .

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