Christmas Green – Carla Aday

Poet and Mizzou Professor Scott Cairns reminds me in his poem “Christmas Green”* that Christmas offers us the chance to become new. He describes the birth of the baby Jesus like this: “Just now the earth recalls His stunning visitation. Now the earth and scattered habitants attend to what is possible. That Read More...

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Fear Not – Mike Graves

When the Gospel writers finally got around to putting all those stories about Jesus down on paper (ok, papyrus), only two of them bothered to tell of his birth–Matthew and Luke. And what different versions they tell! There is one thing, however, upon which they agree–every time an angel is sent forth Read More...

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Into the Light – Teresa Williams

Eleven months into my husband’s 14-month unemployment, my family was coming undone. My sons grew quiet and retreated. Our marriage was ragged raw. I was scared and angry, especially at God. One evening, I went out onto the dark porch, sprawled flat on the swing, and cradle-rocked myself. Some place between a Read More...

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Waiting – Lesley Holt

We were their only grandchildren. My sisters and I were the brightest spots in Mimi’s and PawPaw’s lives. Every Christmas morning, they would rise long before dawn, dress as if they were going to church, and drive over to our house and wait. They waited in their car for us to wake Read More...

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Stars – Joe Walker

I love clear winter nights when I can get away from the city lights and gaze up into the heavens. You know those nights when the stars beyond the stars are so faint they appear as shimmering dust? As a farm boy, I am always reminded of those shepherds in our Christmas Read More...

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One Voice – J. J. Jones

During high school, I was part of a choir that performed One Voice. Like many, music causes me to picture certain imagery or causes emotions to swell within me. I can’t explain why, but every time we sang - Just once voice, Singing in the darkness. All it takes is One Voice Read More...

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Visit of the Magi -George Gordon

Most commentators agree that the Gospel of Matthew seems to intend to address audiences that are mostly or solely Jewish, perhaps because he has the least association with non-Jewish people than any of the other Gospel writers or he wanted to confront the Jews who had rejected him as a tax collector. In his Gospel there are many hidden motifs drawn from the Hebrew Scriptures. Let’s take a look at the “Visit of the Magi” in Matt. 2:1-12. Magi were wise men and the East was the ancient source of wisdom, even prior to the Hebrew and Greek Cultures.

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Come, Lord Jesus – Mike Graves

I have always found the timing of Advent confusing. I’m not referring to how shoppers and kids count down the days to Santa’s arrival, while the church calls it Advent, and not Christmas until December 25. I can live with that sort of confusion since as Christians we all live what one scholar calls hyphenated lives, living in the world of God’s doing and society’s too. I get that.

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