Giving Estimates

A majority of the church’s operating budget is determined by financial support from our members through pledges, or giving estimates. Each year we conduct an annual stewardship campaign to raise the financial resources we need to effectively minister to our congregation, our community and the world.

What is a Giving Estimate?
We ask you to make an annual giving estimate to your church. This is your commitment to give a certain amount over the course of one year. We ask for this year-long commitment so we can plan the church’s budget. The giving estimates we receive from our congregation during the Stewardship Campaign form our operating budget for the next year.

How Much Should I Give?
The amount each person or family is able to give is a personal decision. We encourage our members and friends to prayerfully consider what level of commitment they can make to the church. The programs we can offer, the outreach we can provide and the impact our congregation can have on its members and others is directly affected by the funds we have available for those purposes. Whatever the size of your commitment, your generous gift is important and appreciated.

Submit a Giving Estimate

  • Please fill in the total dollar amount you estimate you will give to the church between July 1 and June 30 in the specified giving year.