Circles of Care

Lara Schopp Congregational Care, Connect, Serve

Through personal visits, phone calls, and notes, the Circles of Care enable our frail or homebound members to stay connected with all of us and our church ministries.

What are Circles of Care?
Circles of Care provide opportunities for us to develop and maintain relationships with our frail or homebound members. As Circle members get to know the frail or homebound member and one another, they are able to have rich conversations and share a deep sense of community.

How are Circles organized?
A Circle is composed of three members who each visit or contact their assigned frail or homebound member once every quarter.

Who is in a Circle?
Our Elders and Deacons provide leadership for this important ministry and other members are welcome to participate as well. For information about how you can participate, call or text 816-381-9249 or email Joe Walker.

What about other needs?
Circles of Care do not provide services beyond visits or conversations. If other needs or requests surface, those are reported to staff.

Circles of Care Report Form
Please use this link to report on your Circles of Care visits and activities.