Virtual Choir

We are excited for our 2nd virtual choir opportunity for a performance on Easter 2021. We are glad you are interested in participating. We will perform a slightly adapted version of "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah.

Click Play to watch a short video tutorial. The video offers tips for setting up your recording booth, making the actual recording, then uploading to Dropbox.

Directions for Participation

  • Download Music Score PDF and Guide Track

    Click here to download.

  • Attend Rehearsals and Practice Your Part

    Wednesdays @ 7-8pm on Zoom.

  • Get Your Tech Together

    Get your technology devices ready including your recording device (preferably a smartphone or tablet), headphones, a tripod for your recording device, and another device to playback the guide track.

  • Record Yourself

    Record yourself using a camera with a microphone (smartphones and some tablets work great) in landscape mode. Make sure you are well lit and have little distractions in view (preferably with a blank solid color wall as background and wearing solid color shirt).

  • Upload Your Recording

    Watch the video tutorial for tips to upload your video from your phone or iPad. When you are satisfied with your recording you can upload to the link which is included on the score download page HERE.

For musical questions contact Dr. Paul Tucker.
For technical questions contact Tepring Crocker.

More Tips for success

  • Set up your "recording booth" ahead of time. It's not hard, but you'll have more fun if you complete that as a separate step when you can play with lighting and with getting your recording device propped up just right. THEN, go take a shower and put on your pretty shirt. You'll be able to enter your booth like a star and will enjoy recording even more.
  • Record yourself a couple times just holding your phone and singing along with the guide track on speakers as you are practicing over the next week. Listen for pitches and places you might need to work on your vowels, etc.
  • Sing confidently when you record. Set your headphones to a volume that will inspire you to sing out and joyfully (without shouting).
  • When you make your final recording, the ONLY sound on the video should be your voice. You will NOT hear any of the guide track. It will sound thin and disappointing. Don't let that discourage you! Voices are magic when they are combined, even digitally! It will sound AWESOME. Trust the process and enjoy getting to sing.
  • Have Fun! You will honestly get the best recording if you are enjoying yourself.