COVID-19 Financial Assistance

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Country Club Christian Church has established the COVID-19 Financial Assistance program to provide temporary relief to congregation members, and those recommended by a member. With the current health crisis comes economic hardship and instability for many in our community, and we have the unique privilege to provide support.

The funds are available for anyone who:

  • Is experiencing a temporary loss of job and income insecurity
  • Is facing economic and social hardship that inhibits their ability to pay for personal and household expenses
  • Potentially does not qualify for unemployment or other financial assistance

Individuals and/or families must utilize the funds to cover the costs of utilities (water, gas, electric) and/or costs of grocery and household items.  

If you would like to help support this program you may do so by clicking the Give button, then choosing COVID-19 Assistance Program.

If you would like to apply or you are close to someone who qualifies, please fill out the form below. You may also contact Joe Walker, Minister of Pastoral Care, for application and questions.