Daily Prayer Line

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Call 816-333-4920 to hear a daily prayer offered by members of our clergy, and leave prayer concerns when you call.

Or, check back here daily to read the prayer. You may also email prayer concerns to [email protected] at any time.


Monday, March 23

Tender and Loving God, be patient with us during this unexpected season. We are weary and worried. But we know that your spirit has traveled with people like us throughout all the generations. And so teach us to be patient with one another. We pray that during this season of solitude that we might discover a deeper connection to your spirit. Teach us to be patient with ourselves. To receive your grace and goodness even in the midst of unrest. Build up within each of us a deeper well of compassion for our neighbors, especially those most vulnerable. We pray for those on the front lines of a cure, of patient care, of leading nations and cities to do what is best for all of your children. Make us instruments of your peace. In the name of the living Christ we pray.


Tuesday, March 24

Hear the Word of God from Psalms 46
God is our refuge and strength, a help always near in times of great trouble. 

That’s why we won’t be afraid when the world falls apart, when the mountains crumble into the center of the sea, when its waters roar and rage, when the mountains shake because of its surging waves. There is a river whose streams gladden God’s city, the holiest dwelling of the Most High.  God is in that city. It will never crumble. God will help it when morning dawns. Nations roar; kingdoms crumble. God utters his voice; the earth melts. The Lord of heavenly forces is with us! The God of Jacob is our place of safety. Come, see the Lord’s deeds, what devastation he has imposed on the earth—bringing wars to an end in every corner of the world, breaking the bow and shattering the spear, burning chariots with fire. “That’s enough! Now know that I am God! I am exalted among all nations; I am exalted throughout the world!” The Lord of heavenly forces is with us! The God of Jacob is our place of safety.

Pray with me:

Quiet our anxious spirits, Lord, and help us enjoy the peace you give which the world cannot take away.  Guide us to act, live, and pray as the times determine. Make our faith grow to accommodate the needs of your people and help us discern how to use our talents and gifts in ways that nurture your kingdom.  Amen

Wednesday, March 25

In her book  Vulnerability and Glory, Katherine Culp explores God’s presence within the vulnerability of our creaturely existence. She says, “Vulnerability encompasses not only the capacity to suffer harm and to be damaged, but also to be kept safe and whole, to have integrity and dignity, and to be healed and lifted.” Our current public health crisis demonstrates both our vulnerability to a dangerous pandemic but is also a reminder of our capacity to connect, to heal, and to create wholeness.

Let us pray.

God who holds all together,
We feel vulnerable right now—
to disease
to economic disaster
to loneliness and fear.

Open our eyes to your invitation before us—
to be safe
to find new wholeness
to create dignity for ourselves
and to share healing.

In a time of physical distance,
show us that your Spirit unites us
and makes us One.