We arrived at the farm in time for lunch.  We stayed at the farm last winter so in a way it was like coming home. But guess what? The farm has been upgraded from a “Holiday Inn” to a “Ritz Carlton” Yes, believe it or not, WE HAVE FLUSH TOILETS – two of them and also TWO REAL SHOWERS.   And the picnic tables that we built last year are now on a beautiful new covered patio dining room which is serviced by a Five-Star kitchen complete with tile counter tops!  We are sorry to report that we are not really roughing it after all.  We even have new mattresses and our senior men are sleeping in private rooms equipped with firm double beds. 

But the most important surprise that greeted us at the farm was Raul and his parents.  The fungus on his face and head has dramatically improved.  Through your generosity, we were able to supply him with funds for his remaining several months of treatment.  For the first time in his life, he will attend school, beginning next week.  Finally, he is not ashamed of his face.  Not only does he laugh and smile but his mother’s face radiates with delight.  His father now looks us in the eye instead of holding his gaze on the ground.  When we showed Raul the photos we took of him last July, he turned away in tears.  He couldn’t look.  Raul’s mother wept as she told us that we are angels from heaven.  I wiped away my own tears as I told her that she is a great mother. Sue told Raul’s mother that God gave us some gifts and we are simply passing on those gifts to her. Josh (Dr. Timock) refused to sit down at the lunch table to eat until he determined that we had enough food to invite Raul and his family to break bread with us. It was holy communion. (Read more about Raul here and here.)

We drove over to Susuli to do reconnaissance on our clinic set up. No lights, no problem.  Lance can fix it. No shelves, no problem. Ken can build them.  After Velerio, the president of the village, oriented us we went back to the farm to begin making home health kits to distribute at the health classes. We will all sleep well.