We are dining on pancakes, fried eggs, fresh papaya, guava jam. While we eat we are going to have a “shout out” and each of us will shout a message to one of you.  Here goes. 

Lance says: “Bart, you would be so impressed with the farm now.”

Lance also says:  “Carty we think of you every day.”

Mary says: “A Nicaraguan Buenos Dias to Mrs. Dean’s third grade and Mrs. Wilson’s fourth grade.”

Clayton says: “Hola to Shirley, Juanita, Joetta and Annie.  Shirley I want you to know it is MUCH nicer than when you were here. We have showers and flush toilets.  Neh, Neh.”

Ken says to Janet and family: “I’m glad I brought the sun tan lotion. Miss you and love you.” 

Stephanie says to the church ladies: “Renee there is a flushing toilet! Having lots of fun and miss you all.” 

Sue says to everyone at the church: “We miss you and we feel your support everyday as we do our work. Thank you for your prayers. George I love you.” 

Velma says to Lenise and Laine: “Thanks for your words of encouragement.  The coffee is fine.”

We all say to the sewing ladies and knitters: “Your work has already brought smiles to families suffering here, especially to the mother of the preemie baby who wrapped him in a blue blanket as she burst into tears on the way to the hospital.” 

Josh says: “Love you and miss you Dad.”   

Carla says: “Jane thanks for all your work in getting us ready to go. Connor I miss you like crazy and wish you were here. You would love it. Dave, thanks for all the messages. Can’t wait to see you. With great love!” 

And we all say: “Nancy thanks for teaching Chipita to make these yummy pancakes.”