We are sitting in the very tiny East London airport waiting for what I hope is not a very tiny airplane!  We have now been gone for almost a week and a half, so we wanted to send a little hello to our friends and family back home.   First of all, hello to everyone in the congregation and to those who have checked the blog.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures thus far.  I am anxious for everyone to see the pictures that accompany these stories, and I hope that they can convey, in some small part, all of the amazing things we have experienced here. 

From Julia, “Hi to Shirley, Gary, and Sally.  I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip and show you my pictures!”

From Kathie A., “Hello to TJ and Willard.  We’ve had a wonderful trip, and our work projects were very rewarding.  I am looking forward to experiencing Cape Town.  Go Jayhawks!” 

From Dale and Marcia, “Hello to Tepring, Glenn, Elizabeth, and Benjamin.  We got great elephant photos that you will enjoy seeing.  Wish you were here!”

From Mary Linda, “Hello to my Sunday School class, Christians under Construction.  Thank you for making the donation.  It was needed, and it made a wonderful difference.  See you soon!”

From Glen, “Hi Julie, Nate, and Steven!  Our group is doing great.  We are getting ready to leave for Cape Town where I will do some shopping for all y’all.  Please say hi to Zeke, Laila, and Jazzy, too.  Love you, Glen”

From Greg, “Shout out to Megan, Jeff, and Emilia.  We are doing well.” 

From Nancy, “Hi everybody.  We’ve had a great experience so far and met lots of good folks and worked hard.  Now we’re in Cape Town for a few days before we head back to Kansas City.  I’m looking forward to telling everybody all about it.”

From Sue, “Hello to Charlie and Lily.  ‘Flat Charlie’ has been traveling around in my pocket or purse and has been in lots of pictures.  Lily, you are traveling in my heart and imagination.  Love Susan.”

From Kerry, “E – Miss you more.”

From Carty, “Hi to all; still alive.  Enjoyed working on the Thembani Centre and looking forward to regaling you all with my tales.”   

From Jennie, “Hi to Coby, Granddad, Mindy, Kevin, and McKenna, and the rest of the Cline/Lamb bunch.  Also a big hello to my friends who have commented on the blog and emailed me.  Our Kansas City friends were very impressed that the Maryville girls had so many comments!  We’ve worked hard and seen wonderful sights.  See you soon!” 

From Katie, “Hello to everyone back home.  It’s been a great trip.  Courtney and Madeline Grace – can’t wait to see you – I’m sure Lizzie misses you.  James and Lizzie – thanks for the messages and picture updates.  Love you and can’t wait to see you both! (oh, and go Tigers! – I had to add that to counter Kathie’s shout out!)”