Departure Day

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Monday morning. departure day. we leave Mungeli in the afternoon to drive 2.5 hours to Raipur. then we take to the air.

Minneapolis–Kansas City

including layovers, total travel time, door to door, is about 36 hours (give or take).

*ken flies to Atlanta and then on to wherever in Texas he lives. (wuss.)

Mary Linda gave an inspiring sermon this morning at chapel. hannah played a beautiful version of “be thou my vision” and Stephanie had words of thanks and loving kindness for our hosts who have gone to such great lengths to care for us.

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after a quick trip into town and a feedback session to discuss the week with our hosts, we had one last fantastic Indian meal, finished our packing and piled into the ambulance for one last emergency run (to the closest airport).

standing now in the departure hall without the sensory overload of constant honking, the pervasive color-spectrum-syndrome, and an ever-changing bouquet of fragrance, I think this is the first time in 8 or so days that we’re not within 200 feet of a cow.

we’ve begun to reflect on the week and to wonder how all we’ve seen and done and met and connected will live on in the days and weeks after we settle back into our now obviously comfortable lives. ask one of us when you see us. perhaps we’ll have come up with an answer.

check back. this won’t be the last post. now…

…please fasten your seatbelts. bring your seat and tray tables into the upright and locked position….

God bless.