Donate Your Unused Flower Vases

Shannon Gammon Metro Service

Do you have a cabinet or shelf filled with empty vases that never get used? Here is your chance to free up that space and spread some joy and inspire kindness! Our Flower Ministry is partnering with Unexpected Blooms, an area non-profit, to repurpose flowers which would otherwise be tossed. Bring in your unwanted 5” – 7” vases, Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. or Sunday mornings through October.

Unexpected Blooms’ volunteers pick up florals from generous wedding parties, events and memorial services. The flowers are rearranged into beautiful bouquets and delivered to seniors in health care facilities and hospice locations. This organization is being kind to the environment while spreading joy! By repurposing flowers which otherwise get tossed into trash bins and reusing vases and composting any unusable flowers.

No vases to donate – you can make a financial gift and learn more HERE